Our organic botanicals are foraged from locations such as Sichuan, Yunnan, Xinjiang and Gansu, contributing to a truly unique Chinese craft gin. Our ingredients tell a story of the beauty and diversity of China and its unique natural flora.

Juniper Berries

We select the finest, organically grown juniper berries from the slopes of the Northern Hungarian Highlands. Our berries are macerated in warm spirit for 12 hours to allow the skins to burst and release the essences, bringing out the distinctive juniper flavor at the heart of all gin.

Sichuan pepper

Our Sichuan peppers are sourced from Qingxi Village, 150 miles southwest of Chengdu. The most fragrant and prized peppers on the market, they were once gifted to the emperor for medicinal and culinary uses. Famous for their numbing heat in Sichuan cuisine, they add floral and spice notes to Peddlers gin.

Buddha’s Hand

A symbol of longevity in China, Buddha’s Hand has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. Hailing from Yunnan province, this unusual fruit tastes similar to lemon zest, but without any bitterness. Almost entirely rind, it packs a unique citrus punch, making it an ideal addition to Peddlers gin.

East Asian Mint

We source our mint from the more tropical climates of Yunnan in Southwest China. A variety traditionally used in Chinese tea for its aromatic and calming effects, mint complements Buddha’s Hand, Sichuan Pepper and Cassia to soften the overall taste and finish of Peddlers.

Lotus flower

Lotus flowers have been used for thousands of years and played important roles in China’s culinary history. In Buddhist tradition, the flower is a symbol of purity. Sourced from Gansu province in Northern China, the  white petals add a light floral  nose and a mildly sweet aftertaste to Peddlers.


Sourced from the seasonal climates of North Eastern China, angelica acts as a binding ingredient helping to balance the other botanicals. It also offers its own dry notes to the overall Peddlers botanical mix, rounding off the gin with a smooth, dry finish.


Our liquorice is sourced from an organic farm in China’s southern Guangdong province, near the banks of the Han River that flows into the South China Sea. Liquorice adds a complementary bittersweet note, while allowing the flavors from other botanicals to shine through in Peddlers gin.

Cubeb berries

Our cubeb berries come from the tropical climates of Java, Indonesia. A member of the pepper family, they bring lingering spice and floral notes with a light eucalyptus flavor to complement the East Asian mint and Sichuan pepper in Peddlers gin.

Coriander Seeds

Our coriander seeds are sourced from the arid, mountainous areas of Northern India. They bring a soft spicines with mild hints of ginger and citrus, complementing the citrus notes of Buddha’s Hand in Peddlers.

Chinese Cassia

Our cassia bark hails from China’s Southwestern province, Yunnan, near the Tibetan border. Famous for its diverse cuisine, Yunnan produces some of the best Cassia bark in the world. As a close relative of cinnamon, Cassia brings notes of warm, sweet spice to the Peddlers recipe.

XinjianG AlmonDs

One of the most cherished foods in China’s Northwest province of Xinjiang, our almonds are sourced from Tianshan, meaning ‘Heavenly Mountains’, near the border of Kyrgyzstan. The relative scarcity of water in the climate make the nuts sweeter than other varieties, adding depth to the Peddlers recipe.